Miata Chrome 3rd Brake Light Decals

Add a little individuallity to the 3rd brake light of your Miata.
These high quality chrome decals are digitally cut from premium 6
year outdoor durable cast chrome vinyl.
The dark area in the group photo represents the 3rd brake light.

These decals are easy to apply and look great.
Just clean the brake light with some alcohol,
peel decal backing and carefully apply it to the 3rd brake light.
Carefully remove the application tape and you're done.

Page down... You will see a group photo of ALL the decals that are available.

The Miata decal is available for all Gen. 2 Miata's (1998 - 2005) Only.

The MIATA Gen. 1 Decals are NO Longer available.

The Y2K S.E. decal is available only for Gen.2 Miata's (1998 - 2005).

All other decals are available only for the Gen.1 Miata's (1990 - 1997).

ZOOM ZOOM Decals are NO Longer Available.

Price: $4.45 Each + $.55 Shipping.

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