The East Coast Miata Oil Dipstick Handle


This dipstick handle will fit all 1990 to 2005 Miata's

Replace that old,ugly factory dipstick handle with this handsome polished aluminum handle.
Machined from a solid piece of aluminum. The sleeve has a machined
finish and the top is polished to a mirror finish.
The factory dipstick is the last piece to be updated when it comes to dressing up your engine.
This aluminun handle stands up to repeated use and looks fantastic under your hood.
If you're going dress up your engine compartment, this is a very nice
addition that will complement the other pieces and will also provide functionality.
If you just want to get rid of the yellow dipstick handle, this is a great alternative as well.
Installation is easy and takes about 10 minutes.
Full installation instructions included.

Two styles are offered. Either a FLAT TOP (Style A) or a TAPERED TOP (Style B).

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