The East Coast Miata's Photo Gallery

Send us your favorite Miata photo and we will list it here for everyone to see.

From our friends across the pond.

What happens when a UPS truck messes with a Miata. The Miata driver walked away.

From our friend in New York.

Two photos from our friend Tyler and his new East Coast Miata mirrors.


Our friend Harold's 99 Miata modified for an East Coast Sliding Mirror.

Here is Nick's Miata from Florida with his new East Coast Louvered Covers.

Our friend James, from across the pond, with his new cold air intakes.

Tom's new Miata from northern Pa.

Colin's new EC Mirror in England..Our second to last one made...

From our good friend Darren, across the pond. Really great job.


Ray's new East Coast louvered headlight covers.

A really nice yellow Miata.....

Father & Son's rides + Son's ride. Definitely the nicer of the two.


My friend Harold's great NB Miata......


My friend Andrew from down under & his Miata with our mirrors installed......


Robin's really great looking Miata with her new East Coast louvered headlight covers.


One of our British friend's Miata......

Ms. Nightingale's really nice Miata......

And This, well this is not a Miata, but it is a really nice BMW, designed by Jeff Koon's that I thought was really great...and I just wanted to share it with you.

Our friend David's Miata from down under. Notice the EC Miata door pulls on the interior shot.


My friend Chevy's new Miata down in Florida.