Simpson Design Gated Shifter

The Simpson Design Gated Shifter is designed to add the finishing touches to the interior of your show car.
The shifter kit includes everything needed to convert your factory shifter into a classic shifting system.
Any shift knob that will fit a stock Miata shifter will fit the gated shifter.
The shifter moves smooth and easy, but due to the design of the shifter it has a tendency
to be some what noisy and this should be taken into consideration before purchasing.
The noise comes from the transmission since the insulation from the stock shift lever is not used.
This kit is NOT designed for "speed shifting" as well,but rather a high quality functional show piece.

This is the LAST gated shifter ever to be made.

This was made for a customer who backed out, so absolutely no more will be made.

Price: $650.00 + $20.00 Shipping anywhere in Cont. USA.


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