British Competition Oil Filler Cap

If you truly want something different and unique to add to your engine's appearance,
and give it a great vintage racing touch as well. This is the item for you.
Handmade in the USA, one at a time and will likely never see mass production.
These oil cap are made of polished aluminum and are guaranteed a perfect fit
with the proper orientation and absolutely leak free.
They truly are a work of art and will make your engine stand out like no other.


This Cap will fit all 1990-2005 Miata's. NA's and NB's

Plus all 2005 and newer Miata's. NC's and ND's.

Price: $179.95 Each + $15.00 Shipping.

NA / NB Model Years:

NC and Newer Model Years:

NA / NB Model

NA / NB Model

NC and Newer Model

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