Simpson Design Side Louvers

Designed by Dale Wampler and Jim Simpson, these louvers are inspired in part by some of the great limited production sports cars in the 50s and 60s. They are fully functional louvers and do require a hole being cut into the fender. Good news is that if you do this carefully you will only paint the raw edge where you have cut the fender. These also feature a side marker light as found on most modern European and Japanese cars. We do provide you with instructions and a template for cutting. You can choose to have the side marker be a second turn signal or a running light. The 507 is loosely inspired by the BMW 507 which also was inspirational in the design of the Z-8 and is a multi-slot stainless grille with vertical separation bars. The Ghibli is a loose interpretation of the Maserati Ghibli, which featured horizontal bars in its fender opening. The Concept is bold and clean, no clutter for the person who is all business, and has a fine stainless mesh grille in the opening along with a stainless molding surrounding the overall opening. Whether you're going for a slightly vintage look or a bold modern look, we're sure you will like the quality of this American-made part and its function as well. These are not mass produced parts. Each one is hand finished by Dale and I here in the studio.

Price: $250.00 Pair + $8.00 Shipping.

ALL Side Louvers Are No Longer Available

507 Style Louver


Ghibli Style Louver


Concept Style Louver

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