Here is an explaination of how to read your VIN number.

JM refers to Japan, Mazda

1- Designates vehicle type. 1 is for cars, 2 is for trucks, & 3 for MPVs etc.

NA is the model ID: NA=Miata, UF=B-2200, SD=MX-6, FC=RX7, etc.

351 is the model type (352 for Miatas of some markets)

2 is a check digit

L is model year:
L=90, M=91, N=92, P=93, etc.O is not used to avoid confusion
with zero.

The 0 is the plant number.(0 for Hiroshima,1 for Hofu)

The 100014 is the car number.
The leading digit is the year number.
The second digit resets to 0 every year.



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