Console Trunk Release
Temporary Disable Modification

By Rod Roller (CAMS)

UPDATE: This has been such a useful modification that Mazda has added this feature to all 2000 model Miatas!

If you have a Miata with a factory console trunk release, you already have a good security feature that you don't knowabout. And thanks to Mazda, you can't even use it! Now you can.

Problem: The only problem with the console trunk release is that it simply isn't secure. It only takes a hard pull to breakopen the console cover when it is locked, exposing the remote release. This makes it VERY easy to get into the trunk of theMiata. If you need truly secure storage in your Miata you were out of luck. Some people simply disconnected the cable forthe remote release. While this solution did secure the trunk, it also removed the convenience of having the remote release.There is a better way if you are willing to do a little work.

Solution: If you have the console release, you have the ability to temporarily disable it. The factory trunk latch has a function builtin that disconnects the remote release when activated. To activate this function all you need to do is put the key in theouter trunk lock and turn it backwards (counter-clockwise). That's the catch! For some reason Mazda installs a lock cylinder that only allowsrotation in one direction, which prevents this feature from being used. I have discovered how to modify the lock cylinder toallow backwards rotation.

This modification has been successfully performed on both M1 (1997 and earlier) and M2 (1999 and later) Miatas with factory console releases. However, the two types have different lock cylinders which makes the method of modification slightly different for the two types. The details vary depending on which model you have. Use the links below for detailed instructions for your model.

Instructions for 1997 & Earlier
Instructions for 1999 Only

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